can’t see it? you can’t control it!

Everything seems to be smart and connected these days: thermostats, motion sensors, lighting control, building access control, HVAC systems, health and safety equipment and more. They are connected to the internet or each other in direct and indirect ways, and so referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

With over 4 billion of these IoT devices to be in place by 2020, managing your operation can get overwhelming and you could be exposed to security, compliance, and safety issues associated with all these devices.

optio3™ gives you 360-degree visibility of each one of your IoT devices

Optio3™ is a cloud-based software that gives you complete visibility of all the connected (IoT) devices and systems in each of your facilities on one single screen. You have access to detailed information for each device; its description, attributes, status, configuration, health and much more.

comprehensive and intuitive reporting and analytics to make data actionable

Visibility of all your IoT devices, combined with a robust set of reporting and analytic tools that integrate with your ERP, ITOM, Building Management and other systems, gives you comprehensive risk management and compliance, better asset management, and improved maintenance operations.

optio3™ organizes your world of IoT

IIoT trends & thoughts

trends in the industrial internet of things and its impact in society