Discover, Visualize, Manage all of your connected (IoT) devices

Optimize operations by aggregating and visualizing data from devices & sensors in a vendor agnostic manner, across sites or fleets.


Let Optio3 help you discover and unlock the captive data in all of your connected devices to produce meaningful insights that generate business value.

Unlock Data, Streamline Operations, Boost Productivity

Optio3 brings decades of expertise in building large-scale SaaS solutions, cloud infrastructure automation and machine learning to the world of IoT, to unlock data, provide visibility, intelligently monitor and generate predictive insights thereby providing overall proactive management for your business.

How Optio3 Works

The Optio3 Intelligent Gateway (edge) connects to customer’s network(s), collects, normalizes and sends data via a secure, encrypted channel to Optio3 cloud where our machine learning algorithms unearth behavioral patterns, detect anomalies, and generate predictive insights.

The innovative, role-based UI helps users easily visualize, monitor and manage their devices based on their specific needs.

Optio3 also integrates with existing business management systems to create work orders (problem tickets), populate asset management system and deliver automated alert notifications, reports.


Key Benefits

Optio3 solution works with existing devices, sensors and systems to intelligently power a wide range of enterprise workflows across segments (commercial real estate, transportation, micro grids, retail, data centers, hotels, etc.,)


Single Dashboard

Optimize operations by aggregating and visualizing data from devices & sensors in a vendor agnostic manner, across sites or fleets.


Manage Device Health 24x7

Continuously monitor devices and systems to detect anomalies & send intelligent notifications to reduce issue resolution time.


Reduce Downtime

Analyze and reason using ML/AI and powerful analytics to identify and prevent failures to improve customer satisfaction.


Optimize Energy Usage

Benchmark against set-points, time horizons, different sites, equipment vendors. Evaluate energy, resource usage and adjust accordingly to reduce cost.


Manage Assets Better

Increase asset lifetime and reduce unnecessary operational and capital expenditures by proactively managing the end-to-end asset lifecycle.


Integrate with Existing Tools

Create automated work-orders (tickets) when issues are detected, notify relevant asset owners and technicians, trigger SecOps workflows, etc.,

What can Optio3 do for you?

Optio3 unlocks powerful streams of data from your systems (building sites, vehicles, etc.,), use intuitive dashboards to make it simple to access information to drive business decisions. Use actionable insights to reduce cost, save time and optimize operations.


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    Boost Profitability

    Improve topline by increasing availability and enhanced productivity. Let your workforce spend their time on revenue generating higher level tasks instead of repetitive and manual tasks.

    Use data-driven decisions to optimize asset usage, operate efficiently and allocate capital effectively.


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    Improve Quality of Service

    Prevent expensive and time-consuming operational issues as well as shorten issue resolution times. 

    Power your existing workflows with integration and automation from Optio3, from discovery to data collection to monitoring to alerting to reporting to predicting issues.

    Improve customer/tenant experience, embrace sustainability goals easily.

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    Manage Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

    Easily manage GRC requirements per company policy; bridge your IoT and IT systems. Establish thresholds per departmental needs, automate audits, generate timely reports, use automated alerts and notifications to enforce compliance requirements.

Getting Started with Optio3 is straightforward

Realize value right away. Doesn't involve expensive onboarding costs


Deploy Gateway

Deploying Optio3 is as simple as connecting it to the controls network. No credentials or firewall rule changes required. The self-managed secure gateway is non-invasive and does not impact network load and uses IT best practices.


Customize As Needed

Use pre-built widgets to setup your dashboard. Setup alert rules and your preferred form of notification. Determine what reports you would like to be sent to whom and at what frequency.


Go Live

Start analyzing data using time series charts and self-configurable or pre-built dashboards. Hone in on insights to drive better operational decisions. Respond to alerts and contextual notifications that help you prioritize the right set of actions at the right time.

Powerful Features

Optio3’s SaaS solution is built using decades of expertise in building large scale systems, IT Operations Management, Cloud Infrastructure Automation, and Advanced Machine Learning.


Vendor agnostic

Platform designed from the ground up to support protocols, devices, sensors and systems from multiple vendors.


Advanced AI/ML Powered

Automated normalization, categorization (classification), anomaly detection, prescriptive and predictive insights.


Intelligent Analytics

Analyze time-series data across sliding time windows, compare with set-points or other metrics, previous time periods.


Reliable, Secure, Highly Scalable

Proven security best practices including SSL encrypted user session, role-based access, isolated customer data storage.


High Quality Automated Alerts

Every alert has a priority and has the appropriate context required to take the required action. Reduces wasted effort.


IT – IoT bridge

Easy integration with IT/ERP systems for asset, inventory, service, work order, performance analytics, and SecOps.


User Configurable Dashboards

Use pre-built widgets to start building out the dashboard to accommodate your KPIs and other user-specific information.


Self-Managed Gateway

No need to “update” gateway software. Remotely configured & managed. Accommodates intermittent connectivity.


Intuitive User Experience

Get going right away on a desktop or a mobile device with a user friendly UI. No extensive training required.