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Thanks! Known as Van Orden rifles, these model 70 sniper rifles were at last procured under the watchful eye of Brigadier General George Van Orden. The owner had provided us with the stock already featuring a nicely aged appearance, which we maintained in the build. The USMC was still using the Model 70s as both target rifle for international match competition and pseudo-sniper rifle work . OVERALL LENGTH: 44.8 in. All it would take is an '06 reamer if one was inclined. Carlos held the record for the longest kill for 35 years. Beautiful build. A few Model 70 sniper rifles saw service in Korea, particularly during the Chosin Reservoir campaign-under difficult winter conditions that rendered other rifles -like the M-1A carbine -ineffective or inoperable. He purchased a Winchester Model 70 and fitted it with a Unertl 10 power telescopic sight to test his theories. April 30 marks the 41st anniversary of the fall of Saigon (since renamed Ho Chi Minh City) and the end of American military involvement in that country. It appears that you are accessing the Winchester Website from outside North America. "WINCHESTER/-TRADE MARK-" is roll stamped on the left side of the receiver rail. In November 1965, USMC Gy/Sgt. The rifles associated with American Snipers in Vietnam are. Carlos Hathcock's sniper rifle! We at Winchester Repeating Arms wish to take this opportunity to salute all those who have answered our nations call to serve. "White Feather" as he was called by the North Vietnamese . This is an example of a very rare post-64 "U.S. PROPERTY" marked Winchester model 70 target rifle that was manufactured in 1967, that is fitted with an even rarer "USMC PROPERTY" marked Lyman Super Targetspot rifle scope. [33], Hathcock once said that he survived in his work because of an ability to "get in the bubble", to put himself into a state of "utter, complete, absolute concentration", first with his equipment, then his environment, in which every breeze and every leaf meant something, and finally on his quarry. the best known U.S. Marine Corps snipers who used the Winchester Model 70 during the Vietnam War was Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, who used a Winchester Model 70 sniper rifle chambered in .30-06. The report concluded that the best rifle/scope combination for use by U.S. Marine snipers was the Winchester Model 70 topped with an 8X target scope made by the Unertl Co. The rifle would of course have to be chambered in the 458 x 1.5 Barnes cartridge. [2] Hathcock married Josephine "Jo" Bryan (ne Broughton; 19302016) on the date of the Marine Corps birthday, November 10, 1962. A one of a kind rifle! Which honestly looking at the barrels, I think he was probably likely telling the truth. On September 16, 1969, Hathcock's career as a sniper came to a sudden end along Highway 1, north of Landing Zone Baldy, when the LVTP-5 he was riding on struck an anti-tank mine. Are you at 6 or are you at 5.75 or 6.25? On this occasion he used a .50 caliber Browning M2 machine gun, to which he attached his scope with a bracket he designed himself. Scope used by Carlos Hathcock. Despite its excellence as a precision rifle, the Model 70 was never fully embraced by the U.S. military as a standardized sniper arm. Your rifle is seriously motivating me to start a new project build .metal and wood just feel so nice together. WEIGHT, EMPTY: 9.5 lbs. And it was as a sniper rifle the Model 70 ultimately earned its stripes. Scope not included. Although the model 70 was never officially approved for combat service during WWII, a number of Model 70s made their way into combat with USMC snipers. Nicknamed The White Feather for the small plume he wore on his boonie cap, Hathcocks incredible marksmanship skills soon struck fear in the hearts of the enemy, so much so that the Viet Cong reportedly placed a bounty of $30,000 on his head. Throughout its life, the Model 70 has been offered in . Clapp is, of course, an American Rifleman field editor today.To subscribe to the magazine,visit theNRA membership page here and selectAmerican Rifleman as your member magazine. Hathcock pulled seven Marines from the flame-engulfed vehicle, suffering severe burns (some third-degree) to his face, arms, and legs, before someone pulled him away and placed him in water because he was unaware of how badly he had been burnt. Editors note: Carlos Hathcock Born this day, May 20, 1942. . In the background is radio operator Jerry Dunomes. Because the M25 is a big, heavy rifle, I wanted to keep scope size and weight to a minimum while still being able to maximize the .308 round. Its almost like comparing your 1980s television to todays HD plasma flat screen, or VHS to Blue-ray. This is debatable. While visiting relatives in Mississippi, he took to shooting and hunting at an early age, partly out of necessity to help feed his poor family. It had a standard weight barrel as well as a clip guide milled into the receiver bridge so 5-round stripper clips could quickly and easily charge the magazine. Can't recall if they were 264 or 7mm Rem mag offhand. They were running about $800 for a nice one with rings a few years ago. In addition to sniper rifles, model 70s were used extensively in marksmanship training and in match team shooting. You are using an out of date browser. He had dreamed of being a U.S. Marine his whole life and enlisted in 1959 at just 17 years old. Hathcock generally used a Winchester Model 70, chambered in .30-06 and with a standard 8-power Unertl scope. According to Winchester documents, these rifles were shipped to the Marine Corps on May 29, 1942. When I first saw the pic I assumed it was a short action. The action has some design similarities to Mauser designs and it is a development of the earlier Winchester Model 54. The second lot of rifles used by Land and his teams in Vietnam were also Winchester Model 70 target guns in .30-06 Sprg. [23][22] He missed the Marine Corps, however, and returned to Vietnam in 1969, where he took command of a platoon of snipers.[10]. In 2016, an armorer with the Pennsylvania National Guard contacted us regarding a .308 target rifle used by their competitive match shooters. The "U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903," better-known as the M1903 Springfield, has become one of the most popular U.S. military small arms to collect. Marines like Carlos Hathcock proved the rifle was quite accurate and very effective. The rifle retains the original style sporter stock with checkered pistol grip and forearm and steel checkered buttplate. These rifles are not considered suitable for use as sniper rifles. The Marine Corps clearly believed that the existing Model 1903, tuned to match grade, was a superior sniping rifle as compared to the Model 70. As a sniper of a modern era, I am truly amazed at what the guys were able to do using what they had at the time. The sniper system shoots the M72 match ammunition loaded with 173-grain boat-tailed bullets (.30-06). Land, Jr., who served in the . What should the discerning collector look for in a potential buy? Hathcock generally used the standard sniper rifle: the Winchester Model 70.30-06 caliber rifle with the standard 8-power Unertl scope. Thus, the Model 70 remained in the militarys inventory, albeit as a match rifle, until the escalation of the war in Vietnam, which resulted in a renewed emphasis on accurate sniper rifles. Using this rifle, we shot at increments of 100 yards, all the way out to 1,000 to test our modern-day sniper skills. Lots of posts I haven't come back to as of late. sniper kill. The rifle is pillar bedded and barrel free-floated in its original stock. I hope you don't mind but I was able to move my eyes beyond and it looks like you are fortunate to enjoy some beautiful shooting area if perhaps a bit cold. All of the markings are crisp. From the 1970's, illustrating the Monte Carlo style stocks used in this era. Hathcock himself estimated that he had killed between 300 and 400 enemy personnel during the Vietnam War. 1942 dated receiver, with a 56 dated WRA barrel, mismatched bolt, all the metal looks like it's been refnished, and the stock has been beat to crap and then heavily sanded. Built with glass-bedded actions and heavy barrels, and used for long-range target competition, the M70s were capable of great accuracy with the Unertl scopes. Carlos Hathcock, in Vietnam (left) and receiving the Silver Star (right). Learn more about Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II and the Winchester Model 70s service in Vietnam in these two American Rifleman articles:The Military Model 70. They are fragile and the external rings may or may not offer as fine adjustments for windage and elevation. The rifle chosen was the Winchester Model 70. Before 1.02, the M70 Tundra was named the Winchester Model 70. It was in this way the Winchester model 70 found its way into unauthorized sniper duty during the WWII, primarily in the Pacific Theater. It is an odd scope by today's standards. As part of his legacy, the gun was donated to the National Museum of the . The success of the Model 70 on the rifle range attracted renewed interest from the U.S. Army as evidenced by a Feb. 2, 1955, memo from the Office of the Chief of Ordnance to the Chief of Army Field Forces, which stated: It is requested that this office be furnished [with] your comments and recommendations relative to procurement of cal. This is yet another example of the truism that a great civilian firearm does not always equate to a great military rifle. A handful of the original USMC model 70 riflessurvive to this day, and 76 years later hold enormous collector interest. Hathcock was soon a member of the USMC rifle team, and in 1965 he won the Wimbledon Cup, a 1000-yard individual match fired at the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio. Maj. Land told me that early in the war members of the sniper platoon collected contributions. The most well known Marine sniper of the Vietnam war has become a modern legend. Hathcock was awarded the Silver Star for his heroic action. The scarcity of these rifles mean few of us will ever get a chance to own one. Carlos Norman Hathcock II (20 May 1942 - 23 February 23 1999) was a United States Marine Corps sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills. [38] He is buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia. Receiver is engraved with likeness of Carlos Hathcock's signature, along with the White Feather logo. Interestingly, Hathcock won that prestigious trophy with a Winchester Model 70. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting/hunting rifle. I have a 53 heavy barreled action that needs the same treatment. In one of his more renowned stories, Carlos Hathcock killed an enemy sniper through the enemy's own rifle scope. A July 1967 American Rifleman article by Frank G. McGuire, SnipersSpecialists in Warfare, reported: The 8X telescopic sight was chosen in World War II when it was teamed with the 03 rifle. His previous skill as a marksman had won him a variety of matches and trophies at places like Camp Perry in Ohio. Officially, Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle.It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle". Includes 10 round box magazine standard plus extra 5 round magazine, and hard case.

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carlos hathcock model 70 rifle

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