Our mission is to unlock data from connected devices to streamline operations

The number of connected devices deployed in enterprises (buildings, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, and retail) are increasing exponentially. Most enterprises do not even know how many connected devices are deployed in their infrastructure, so any foray into unlocking data to power the business is not only a distant dream, but also a frustrating problem that gets larger by the day.


We created Optio3 to help enterprises solve the ongoing, end-to-end device management problem. We utilized our backgrounds and learning from having built massively scalable cloud-native, SaaS solutions that did discovery, monitoring, control, management and predictive analytics for IT Systems. Our experience also includes building large scale systems that reliably process billions of transactions per day, to automating data center operations from the bare-metal up, using SaaS, ML/AI, cloud infrastructure automation in private and public clouds.


We are passionate about addressing broad and complex problems through technology. We are a diverse team of experts in Cloud Infrastructure automation, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Security, and Software for Enterprises. At Optio3 we create cloud-based software solutions that enable organizations to optimize operations and maximize their investment in connected devices.

Our Culture

We devote time to give back with a heart filled with compassion.






Customer Obsession







Why you will love working at Optio3?

Optio3 is headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in downtown Seattle, WA.


You will have a Huge Impact

We are a growing company and that growth results in a lot of opportunities for you. You will directly impact the product, the company culture and the fundamental manner in which we shape the future of our company. Your input matters. Our actions are driven and supported by data rather than opinion.


You are Empowered

We empower people, provide them with resources they need to meet their goals, and hold them accountable. We welcome questions about how a decision was made or why we followed a particular approach; anyone can “ask” and get the answers to satisfy their curiosity and learning.


You will be Productive

We focus on getting things done. We are thoughtful, data-driven and user centric but we move fast & learn by execution. This means that you will have a lot of days where you will experience the satisfaction of having achieved something meaningful while continuously learning and enhancing your skill set.


You will be Happy

We are invested in your long term success. We value open & honest communication, customer focus, collaboration, and we believe in the power of compassion, gratitude and paying it forward. We offer excellent health, vision and dental benefits, green commute incentives, 401K, competitive compensation including equity and extraordinary opportunities for growth.

Open Positions

Don’t wait. Explore what we have to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised!