End-to-end IoT Operations Management solution

From discovery to monitoring to data collection to analysis to predictions – complete lifecycle solutions from an IoT Operations Management perspective.

Let Optio3’s unique maturity model help your enterprise ease into embracing IoT in a crawl-walk-run approach to start realizing value within days to expand towards automation of all the critical aspects of your business.

Solution for Commercial Buildings

With more and more connected devices deployed every day, every commercial building is aspiring to become a smart building. Smart City initiatives, new regulations and codes, the heterogeneity of devices and sensors in a building all require an innovative platform and solution.

Solution for Transportation

Simplify fleet management operations from anywhere, on any browser, on any device. Connect to all the systems on a vehicle (OBD-II, HVAC, Solar Panels, Liftgate, etc.,), aggregate data across the fleet, monitor health, deliver intelligent reports, analytics, and AI/ML based insights.

Solution for Commercial Buildings

Unlock building system data to better serve building management using AI, advanced analytics and automation.

Improve building performance, identify cost savings and enhance tenant satisfaction.

25-50x fold increase in automatic trend data collection. 15-25% savings in energy and operational costs.


Works with existing building infrastructure, adapts as new devices are added

Start realizing value with the connected devices you already have in place in your buildings. Connect to your building infrastructure with ease, unlock all the streams of data to simplify all aspects of operationally managing your building from improving labor efficiency to reducing energy consumption to remotely monitor the health of the building.


Empowers building management and building engineers

Receive ongoing reports and insights based on role, responsibilities. Alert team members to take actions and resolve issues proactively. Pinpoint operational details and drive bundled efficiencies through predictive and prescriptive insights. Prevent equipment malfunction or failure via anomaly detection and deviations from normal behavior.


Improves tenant experience, embrace sustainability

Enthrall your tenants by taking care of issues before they even notice them. Observe energy usage trends,  follow recommendations to adjust and optimize to reduce consumption. Perform smarter preventative maintenance based on data (not just on schedule). Meet sustainability goals, not just on energy, but on automated audits, reports, labor efficiency, and most importantly automating repetitive mundane tasks.

Solution for Transportation

SaaS-based IoT Operations Management of your fleet vs. traditional telematics.

Cloud Native from the ground up vs. Classic (On-prem à Cloud) solution.

Role-based access from a CFO to Fleet Managers to Regional Managers to a Driver to a Technician.


Provides complete, strategic visibility into your fleet

Optio3’s secure cloud-based IoT platform enables customers to focus on what they do best – run their fleet in an efficient and optimized way by providing relevant data at their fingertips. Explore operational characteristics, dig deep easily to better understand behaviors. View metrics and data from a single vehicle to an entire fleet.


Enables smart data-driven fleet management decisions

Use advanced machine learning to anticipate and service customers better. Leverage actionable insights through understanding fleet behavior over a period of time, and in different environments or circumstances (weather, geography, type of vehicle, driver habits, type of loads, etc.,). Evaluate usage, compare actual vs. planned, adjust accordingly to reduce cost. Use real-time data for optimal use of assets.


Delivers intelligent reports, alerts & proactive notifications

Monitor, analyze the data and send proactive notifications on a variety of thresholds (via emails, text alerts, or in the product dashboard), including when your fleet drifts from an established baseline. Customize alerts on a wide variety of thresholds on various metrics. Optimize operations using self-configurable or pre-built reports. Turn any visual component or query results to design intelligent reports.