IoT Operations Management as a SaaS solution

Optio3’s SaaS solution is built on decades of expertise in building large scale systems, IT Operations Management, Cloud Infrastructure Automation, and Advanced Machine Learning.

We believe innovative technology powers products and solutions that make a difference in our customer’s lives.


Versatile Platform

Optio3’s IoT Operations Management platform, is designed from the ground up to be Cloud Native, reliable, secure, highly scalable, and easily extensible for various market segments.
The architecture uses distributed systems engineering best practices to natively support fine grained control, rapid innovation, easy portability, remote management, no-hassle deployment and upgrades, as well as machine learning and extensibility.

Intelligent Highly Configurable Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards make it simple to get an overview of the overall visibility and health of the system, access information and drive business decisions.


It is easy to add, configure, and customize widgets based on the need or a specific role and responsibility of the user. The simple-to-use actionable UI makes it fun to explore the operational characteristics of a single unit (building, truck, etc.,) or to view the complete portfolio. Convert any query result to a widget or a bookmark, or add it to a dashboard. Use Optio3 anytime, anywhere, and on any device (phone, tablet / iPad) , PC / laptop).


Integrations that power existing workflows and processes

One of the ways to add value to our customers is to leverage the existing workflows and processes that they already have in place, but turbocharge them additional data and analytics. Optio3 offers APIs to deploy Optio3 solution alongside your enterprise platforms.
For example, let Optio3 automatically create work-orders (tickets) in your existing IT/ERP systems with all the relevant information to simply issue identification, tracking and resolution. Similarly manage your connected assets in your existing Inventory/Asset Management systems by letting Optio3 populate them. Trigger Compliance or SecOps workflows when needed.


Optio3 uses AI/ML end-to-end from automatic classification of discovered IoT assets, to anomaly detection when ”things” go wrong, to reducing noise and increase signal from “alert storms”, to alert correlation and root cause analysis (RCA, or outcomes), to generating insights from predictive and prescriptive analytics.


Reports and Alerts Infrastructure

One of the most time consuming things for our potential customers is to generate reports, conduct audits, and aggregate information to conduct their business. Optio3 makes is super simple to create or configure (out-of-box) reports with just a few clicks to be delivered at whatever frequency to any email destination (or cloud storage) in beautiful PDF format.
Reliably and consistently separating signal from noise is a necessity for our customers. Optio3 detects anomalies, deviations from normal behavior as well as groups alerts all using advanced machine learning to help our customers focus on what is important.